A Special Education Advocate is typically someone with an education background and familiar with special education law and 504. An effective advocate usually has a background in law or education and maybe someone who used to work in these fields. Educational advocates are fee paid professionals who are usually called in when the child is not receiving services, not making educational progress, or the IEP/504 Plan is not being followed.

At the Layne Center, our Educational Advocate can provide:

  • Direct Advocacy and Representation in IEP Meetings

  • IEP Reviews

  • IEP Development

  • 504 Plan Development

  • Educational Planning

  • School Observations

  • Monitoring of Progress and Provision of Services

The Layne Center offers 2 bundles:

  • CONSULTATION: We provide “insider’s guidance” when developing a strategic plan for you to serve as your child’s advocate. This session is $120 per hour. The Layne Center will analyze medical documentation & all diagnostic files; review school reports, report cards, and formal assessments; conference with parents & strategically design negotiations plan; before and after meetings; andcommunicate via phone or email as the needs develop.

  • DIRECT ADVOCACY: We work with parents by attending IEP / 504 Meetings as their Advocate (either in person or through technology); review school reports, report cards, formal assessments, and prepare for meetings in conference calls and all emails prior to meetings; and initiate suggestions by working in collaboration with school district personnel, and the IEP/504 teams; before and after meetings. Fees: $120 per hour including travel and review of documents.