When evaluating a child for ADHD, LCTEA uses a variety of assessment tools to gather information. Parents and educators are asked to complete various forms, including checklists, behavior questionnaires, or rating scales. These tools are an essential component of a comprehensive evaluation for ADHD.

This multidimensional diagnostic evaluation captures the impact on home, school and social functioning. The assessment may include the following:

  • parent and child interviews

  • a bio-psycho-social assessment interview including family history

  • parent- and teacher-completed child behavior rating scales

  • parent self-report measures

  • direct behavioral observations of the child in clinical settings

  • review of prior school and medical records

  • computer-based test

After completing the diagnostic evaluation, a treatment plan and report is developed with treatment recommendations and/or referral for additional evaluations.

***Out of pocket cost is $350 and insurance copays (if applicable).

Adult ADHD Evaluation

Is it or isn’t it ADHD? OR is it your (and your friend’s/coworker’s/significant other’s) imagination?

Now’s the time to find out. We will assess your symptoms to determine if you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Adult ADHD (ADHD is the official term for the condition- regardless of whether the individual demonstrates symptoms of hyperactivity). When evaluating for ADHD, clinicians simultaneously evaluate and rule out other mood disorder issues that can cause attention issues.

ADHD Evaluation – $1075

  • comprehensive intelligence testing

  • basic achievement screening

  • behavior analysis/checklists

  • computerized attention assessment

  • memory and processing speed screening

  • abbreviated written report with suggestions for intervention

***Insurance is not accepted for this service.