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Taking therapy assessments and tests can help you better understand mental health concerns and identify areas where you or your child may need help.

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A mental health assessment is an important diagnostic tool that can help you get the treatment you, or your child, might need.

A mental health assessment is not a test or an exam. It is about helping you. You only have to talk about what you want to talk about. The more open and honest you are, the easier it will be to get you on the best path to wellness.

  • Child/Adolescent
  • Adults
  • Mental Health Evaluation
  • ADHD Evaluation (Child/Adolescent/Adult)
  • Academic Evaluation
  • Intellectual Evaluation
  • Psycho-Educational Evaluation
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Students who are mentally healthy are more likely to arrive at school prepared to learn, participate actively in classroom activities, form supportive and caring relationships with adults and other students, apply the right problem-solving techniques, display nonaggressive behaviors, and contribute to a positive school climate. The Layne Center for Therapy, Education, and Assessment aids in the development of mental health initiatives in schools.

  • Assessments
  • Consultation
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Classes
  • Intervention & Progress Monitoring
  • School Staff Training

Assessment & Testing Options

Mental Health Evaluations

Mental Health Evaluation (social/emotional functioning) – $900
A mental health evaluation is designed for the purpose of evaluating and building up an accurate picture of an individual’s needs. There are a variety of formats. The mental health evaluation is a combination of assessment tools that are designed to measure behavioral health symptoms, and some questions that are commonly geared to an individual’s unique situation. Each evaluation consists of mental health symptoms and experiences; feelings, thoughts and behavior; academics, skills, and career achievements; family relations; cultural, ethnic, sexuality, and gender; substance use; trauma; and/or suicide risk screening. The process takes approximately about 3 hours.

Mental Health Evaluation (for school purposes)– $2250
comprehensive intelligence testing

  • comprehensive memory testing
  • comprehensive achievement testing in all academic areas
  • computerized attention assessment
  • behavior/emotional/social assessment
  • comprehensive report with suggestions for intervention


Academic &
Intellectual Evaluations

Intellectual Evaluation only – $350

Comprehensive intelligence testing with a brief written report.

Academic Evaluation only – $500
Achievement testing in all academic areas (basic reading, reading comprehension, math reasoning, math calculation, written expression) with a brief written report.

***Insurance is not accepted for these services.

ADHD Evaluations

When evaluating a child for ADHD, LCTEA uses a variety of assessment tools to gather information. Parents and educators are asked to complete various forms, including checklists, behavior questionnaires, or rating scales. These tools are an essential component of a comprehensive evaluation for ADHD.

This multidimensional diagnostic evaluation captures the impact on home, school and social functioning. The assessment may include the following:

  • parent and child interviews
  • a bio-psycho-social assessment interview including family history
  • parent- and teacher-completed child behavior rating scales
  • parent self-report measures
  • direct behavioral observations of the child in clinical settings
  • review of prior school and medical records
  • computer-based test

After completing the diagnostic evaluation, a treatment plan and report is developed with treatment recommendations and/or referral for additional evaluations.

***Out of pocket cost is $350 and insurance copays (if applicable).

Adult ADHD Evaluation
Is it or isn’t it ADHD? OR is it your (and your friend’s/coworker’s/significant other’s) imagination?

Now’s the time to find out. We will assess your symptoms to determine if you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Adult ADHD (ADHD is the official term for the condition- regardless of whether the individual demonstrates symptoms of hyperactivity). When evaluating for ADHD, clinicians simultaneously evaluate and rule out other mood disorder issues that can cause attention issues.

ADHD Evaluation – $1075
comprehensive intelligence testing

  • basic achievement screening
  • behavior analysis/checklists
  • computerized attention assessment
  • memory and processing speed screening
  • abbreviated written report with suggestions for intervention

***Insurance is not accepted for this service.

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