Mental Health Evaluation (social/emotional functioning) – $900

A mental health evaluation is designed for the purpose of evaluating and building up an accurate picture of an individual’s needs. There are a variety of formats. The mental health evaluation is a combination of assessment tools that are designed to measure behavioral health symptoms, and some questions that are commonly geared to an individual’s unique situation. Each evaluation consists of mental health symptoms and experiences; feelings, thoughts and behavior; academics, skills, and career achievements; family relations; cultural, ethnic, sexuality, and gender; substance use; trauma; and/or suicide risk screening. The process takes approximately about 3 hours.

Mental Health Evaluation (for school purposes)– $2250

  • comprehensive intelligence testing

  • comprehensive memory testing

  • comprehensive achievement testing in all academic areas

  • computerized attention assessment

  • behavior/emotional/social assessment

  • comprehensive report with suggestions for intervention

Intellectual Evaluation only – $350

  • Comprehensive intelligence testing with a brief written report.

Academic Evaluation only – $500

  • Achievement testing in all academic areas (basic reading, reading comprehension, math reasoning, math calculation, written expression) with a brief written report.

***Insurance is not accepted for these services.