Online therapy offers several unique advantages for both clients and therapists. Since online programs can be accessed at any time, scheduling becomes less of an obstacle in arranging mental health services for young clients and adults.

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What services are offered through online therapy?

  • Initial assessment and evaluation
  • Individual therapy (Children and Adults)
  • Family therapy

Is online therapy effective for children and adolescents?

Anxiety, stress, and depression significantly impact young people, including children and teens. One in every four young people struggle with the negative impact of their thoughts and feelings. As little as 25% of these affected young people ultimately receive proper treatment to help them cope.

The internet makes it easy for young people in desperate need of more effective coping skills. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can be conveniently provided online. Through Online CBT, kids, teens, and young adults can take an inventory of their personal skills. Old behavior patterns that are detrimental to a young person’s well-being can be addressed and corrected, ultimately shaping a healthy attitude that will lead to positive outcomes.

A new, healthy mindset can be created by working through personal experiences and common issues that lead to negative behavior patterns. Reflection and understanding allow kids and teens to recognize and understand their feelings. This knowledge helps them create newer ways of thinking, to remove poor influences from their lives, and to set themselves on a better path.

How online therapy works?

Online therapy begins with self-assessment tools that allow patients to take an inventory of their mental states and their coping skills, creating a clear map to correlate situations and circumstances that lead to unwanted or negative thought and behavior patterns. These assessments are widely regarded as useful and successful in identifying root causes of stress or anxiety response.

Assessments are submitted securely to a HIPAA Compliant site to create tailored exercises and resources designed to suit each client’s needs. Identifying and correcting unwanted thought or behavioral patterns by self-inventory and greater awareness enhances a client’s ability to cope with his or her feelings by providing the skill set to change their internal messaging.

Interactive online CBT provides multiple avenues for patients to explore. A combination of delivery mediums, such as audio, visuals, video content, text content, and activities creates a fully immersive experience. This experience allows young patients to work on focusing their ambitions, changing their thought patterns, and overcoming obstacles from a variety of angles through psycho-education. Old patterns are restructured into new patterns through graded exposure and new skills can be immediately applied.

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