School-based Services

Students who are mentally healthy are more likely to arrive at school prepared to learn, participate actively in classroom activities, form supportive and caring relationships with adults and other students, apply the right problem-solving techniques, display nonaggressive behaviors, and contribute to a positive school climate. The Layne Center for Therapy, Education, and Assessment aids in the development of mental health initiatives in schools.

  • All testing supplies are included in the rate
  • As-needed Tier SST Screening/Meeting
  • Intervention and Progress Monitoring Groups as needed
  • Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Attend Eligibility Meeting and/or IEP Meeting (via phone, video, or in-person)


School-based consultation focusing on skill development and challenging behavior reduction for academic success.


  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Classes

Professional Development

Special Education Policies and Procedures

Co-Teaching Series

Social-Emotional Support in the Classroom

Adopting the Trauma Sensitive Approach in School

Autism 101 for Teachers

Specific Learning Disability 101 for Teachers

Behavior Disorders for Teachers

Special Education for Teachers 101

Overview of 504 for Teachers

Mindfulness for Teachers

Achievement Testing Training (KTEA-3)

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